Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sometimes, Books Are Just Meant To Be Fun

With the release of The Check Out on Tuesday, I was a little too busy to get a post together for today. Luckily, there are other indie authors out there willing to step in and help This post is brought to you by Rich B. Knight, author of The Darkness of The Womb.  Enjoy!

Hi, my name is Rich B. Knight. I recently interviewed author, Richard A. Lester, for his new book, The Check Out, and I’ll put that interview up on my blog ( this Tuesday, August 6th, which is the launch day for the book. But during the interview, Richard mentioned how he mainly wanted readers to have a good time with it. These were his exact words: “It’s meant to be a quick, entertaining romp. There’s not really a message or deeper meaning here. It’s just supposed to be fun.” 

I find that comment especially interesting, because I agree that most books are just meant to be fun. A lot of non-readers think that books are supposed to be these big, deep things. They’re often scared off by them because they don’t want to have to think on their off time. That’s why so many people enjoy mindless action movies like Transformers. They’d rather turn their brains off outside of work, not on. But I think that’s silly, because most of today’s writers aren’t trying to fill people’s heads with big thoughts or ideas. That’s high school reading, and it’s scarred so many people, it’s scary. 

 The truth is, though, is that authors, like Richard A. Lester and myself, just want to give you a good time. When I wrote my book, The Darkness of the Womb (, all I wanted to do was offer an exciting, scary new world that people could pick up and then put down again, happy that they went on the journey. I didn’t want them to take away any grand ideas, even though they could if they wanted to. I just wanted to provide an exciting experience for a little while, and that’s what most authors try to do these days. That’s what Richard A. Lester tries to do, anyway, and I do, too.

I personally can’t wait to pick up The Check Out this Tuesday. And you should pick it up, too. We’ll talk about it later. Leave any comments below if you want to leave me a message. This is the first stop on my blog tour. Take care.


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