Sunday, May 3, 2015

Sunday Author Interview: Tom Mykytiuk

Please introduce yourself.

I am a recently retired Army officer who has always enjoyed writing fiction. I spent 25 years in the Infantry, and now I have more time to devote to the craft. I used to write short stories, but eventually took on a full length novel.

How long have you been publishing?

Since September 2014. The Beaten Zone was my first book.

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Tell us about your latest book. 

I am working on another Cole Samson adventure. Cole and his team made their debut in The Beaten Zone. I hope to have the second novel out by July 2015.

Who are your major influences?

Steven King, John le Carre, Nikos Kazantikus, and Ray Bradbury.

Is writing your full time career?

I wouldn't call it a career. It’s my pastime/hobby/obsession.

What made you decide to become a self published author? 
I wanted to get my book out there and the traditional route looked like a long and frustrating road. I may give it a try with my second book. But we all know traditional publishing is about what sells, not about how good a writer you are.

Do you feel that your material is different than traditionally published authors? 

I don’t make a distinction. Writers are writers.

What are you willing to spend money on, as a writer? What aren't you? 
You have to invest some money into your books to make it a good product. I spend money on the cover, good editing and formatting, and some marketing.

What is your favorite part of being self published? 

Total control over my work.

What is your least favorite?


Do you do your own promotion, or hire someone? 

A bit of both. I publish on Kindle Direct, so there are some built in promotional options. Otherwise, I use popular websites that market e-books.

What is the most important piece of advice you can give someone just starting out in self publishing?

Just keep going. There are many distractions along this road, and everybody is offering advice, or promotions if you buy their package for a mere $25.00, with an additional $10.00 for priority advertising and blah, blah, blah.. Put your head down and just write books. Eventually, you will build an audience.

If a publisher came knocking, would you make the switch? Why or why not? 

Sure. It would mean wider and better exposure.

Do you participate in Amazon's KDP Select program? Why or Why not? 

Yes. But I am going to go a bit wider with my next book to get more exposure.

Do you blog? Why or Why not? 

Yes I have a blog because it was what ‘the expert” recommended. I think it is more a distraction from writing, so I don’t blog regularly.

Does self publishing carry a stigma? 

Not anymore. But I think people are more reluctant to buy books from indie authors until they have proven themselves. Getting published by a publishing company, offers a bit if validation to the reader. They think the book will be good because it has passed the publishing test.

Do you read more ebooks or physical copies? 

I prefer physical books, but I am an old school luddite. My kids are way more comfortable with e-books.

Do you think the traditional publishing format is an endangered species? 

Not yet, but its coming, I think.

What would the consequences be of the demise of the traditional bookstore? 

The end of something wonderful. But I am old school, as I said.

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