Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sunday Author Interview: Angel M.B. Chadwick

Please introduce yourself.

Hi, my name is Angel M.B. Chadwick

 How long have you been publishing?

Since I could write, when I was thirteen, 24 years.

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Tell us about your latest book.

My nonfiction-memoir poetry book "Corridors of My Mind," is about my life starting from adulthood backward to teen years, about the dark places in my life and the inner strength and wisdom I learned from it all.

Who are your major influences?

Edgar Allan Poe, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Mark Twain, William Faulkner to name a few.

Is writing your full time career?


Do you see writing as a hobby or career?

It is a career and it has always been from the beginning, since I was thirteen years old.

What made you decide to become a self published author?

My college journalism teacher who had no belief that I would make it as an independent author. I was writing for the college newspaper and the yearbook and saw my work edited so much that not one word was mine. I told my professor I have a real talent at writing. Why keep writing for a newspaper where no one hears or sees my words, it's like putting my voice in the shadows? She told me that is the way publishing is. I told her well  "I don't want any part of the traditionally published world."

She said "you'll never make it." I said "we'll see,  you haven't heard the last of me." Also I got tired of promoting my work to traditional publishers who always had nice things to say like "you have a unique insight in to mankind," which a took as a compliment but also a cursed blessing.

I was also tired of years and years of waiting like a star struck idiot for a big publisher to shine their light on me and publish me. So indie has always been the way to go for me.

Did you workshop your writing in class?

Yes, but,  people only wanted to use me when they found out I could write.

Do you feel that your material is different than traditionally published authors?


Do you deal with issues that traditional publishers don't normally touch?

Yes, I promote myself entirely. I do wear all the hats of a publisher, editor, covers etc. You name it. I am the one doing it all and have the experience to do it.

Who edits your work?

I do.

Who does the covers to your books?

I do

What is your favorite part of being self published?

Being an indie and every challenge that comes with it is my favorite part.

What has been the most productive tool for promoting your book?

Goodreads, Twitter, Wattpad, Facebook, word of mouth, to name a few.

Do you have Facebook/Twitter? How effective are they as promotional tools?

Yes, I have both. I have 874 followers on Twitter. 404 likes on Facebook and still counting.

What is the most important piece of advice you can give someone just starting out in self publishing?

To be an indie you must work hard and be a die hard. Be willing to be fully committed and all that entails.

What is the most helpful advice or bit of knowledge that you've been given as a writer?

That  I have a gift and there will always be haters.

If a publisher came knocking, would you make the switch? Why or why not?

No, because I have been traditionally published before first as a teen and then as a young adult in my early twenties.  I had a publishing contract offered to me when I was fifteen by Harlequin (of course they didn't know I was fifteen when I submitted my work to them) my mother told me to take it. I turned it down.

What other creative outlets do you have? Music, film, etc?

My eight year old son, who is autistic nonverbal and making progress every day, an overachiever and an extremely hard work. He is my hero. He is the reason why I finally had the courage to reveal my writing as an independent author. How brave he is every day, the challenges he overcomes daily. If he can do it, I can do it no matter the naysayers. Heavy metal, rock, classical, indie films, life.

What does your family think of your writing career?

They support it.

How important are reviews to making sales?

Very important. Anyone who says it isn't is a liar.

How do you deal with bad reviews?

I am empowered by them.

Do you also review other writers?

Yes, always.

How do you give a bad review?

I am brutally honest and matter of fact but, never cut the author down. I am tactful but, don't sugar coat.

What changes would you like to see in the self publishing industry?

For traditionally published to stop alienating us, stop calling us "nontraditional" and to not belittle us or our work, to give us a chance we may surprise you.

Do you participate in Amazon's KDP Select program? Why or Why not?

Yes. To help with more exposure for my books.

What's the biggest frustration with being a self published writer?

Bigotry of all kinds, me being female, an indie author, people thinking because I'm an indie author that I have never been published traditionally before an that I have no talent and that this is my first work, when people don't even take the time to read your bio to know anything about you and  review your work any way also without ever reading it thoroughly.

Do you write to music? If so, what kind?

Yes, I have.  Heavy metal or rock, pop rock or punk rock mostly.  No rap. I don't listen to rap.

Could any of your books be made into films?

Yes, particularly my next book, a novel  "Weeping Well."

What actors would play your characters?

Julianne Moore, Molly Quinn, Kellan Lutz, Anthony Hopkins

Do you go to writing conventions? Why or why not?


Do you blog? Why or Why not?

Only on Goodreads.

Why do you write?

I have a true love of the craft.

If you had to stop writing tomorrow, what would you do?

Entrepreneur, promoting my business ideas and patenting them for disabled and needy families, directing, producing which is in the works.

Does self publishing carry a stigma?


Do you think the traditional publishing format is an endangered species?


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