Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sunday Author Interview: Todd Misura

How long have you been publishing?

 I’ve been published since the beginning of the year with Rejected For Content, a horror anthology that covers stories that were or would have been rejected for content. I submitted Drift, a story about a serial killer who comes home to a monster worse than him. 

Tell us about your latest book. 

My latest book is Divergence Erotica from a different angle, and it comes as an alternative to most of the short collections on the market because of the themes and ideas expressed within. It’s a strange mix of BDSM, strange tales that happen to have sexual content, and some short erotic pieces that are there to stimulate readers.

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Who are your major influences?

Most of my influences come from the action adventure authors that I read in high school with a select few horror authors that I respect. The action adventure authors that formed lots of my writing style and themes are David Morrell, Jonathan Maberry, Robert Heinlein, and many others. The horror authors that have really affected me over the years the most has to be Brian Keene, Clive Barker, and James Herbert. They have styles and abilities that are different from most mainstream horror authors that I appreciate.

 Is writing your full time career?

 At this time, no. I have a job that I have to do to make the bills. 

Do you see writing as a hobby or career?

 I see it as a career, even if it’s a part time one. I need to have sales that will get my name out there as an author so people can see my name and if nothing else recognize it for unique stories. 

What made you decide to become a self published author? 

Being that I knew my story ideas were too farfetched for the safety of big publishers, I decided to strike out on my own. 

Do you feel that your material is different than traditionally published authors? 

My stories are tales of the classic genres, but I have twists in them that push them into the realm of different. I am currently working on a hard hitting action novel that involves two guys who are mercenaries for a company. They also happen to be bisexual, sometimes together.

 Do you deal with issues that traditional publishers don't normally touch? 

Sometimes in my short fiction I do, themes of real BDSM relationships, or even just themes that don’t get brought up in works that are usually published traditionally.

Who edits your work? 

Amanda M Lyons, my fiancĂ© who has a side job of editing writings for pay. 

Who does the covers to your books?

 It depends on who is available at the time to do covers. My cover of Divergence was done by Michael Fisher, and I think he nailed the themes of the short collection. 

What are you willing to spend money on, as a writer? What aren't you? 

As an author, getting advertisements out there in all kinds of ways is important. A great cover that will sell my books is another thing I will absolutely drop money on. 

What is your favorite part of being self published? 

Being able to work at my own pace with real life intruding and not facing a deadline other than my own. 

What is your least favorite? 

Not getting enough sales to do this full time, but that’s partially my own fault for not promoting my book enough. 

Do you do your own promotion, or hire someone?

 I do my own promotion so far, but I have gotten great ideas from others that I am willing to try in the future. 

What has been the most productive tool for promoting your book? 

Spreading the word about my book on sites and in groups that would be interested in it.

 Do you have Facebook/Twitter? How effective are they as promotional tools? 

I have those social media accounts, but I don’t mess with them much anymore. I burned out on Facebook real quick, and I’ve burned out on Twitter too. 

What is the most important piece of advice you can give someone just starting out in self publishing? 

Promote, promote, promote. But don’t annoy. If all you do is promote your stuff on social media, people will not pay attention and it will be skipped in the timelines of people who follow you. 

If a publisher came knocking, would you make the switch? Why or why not?

 If they could give me an advance and a solid promotional plan, yes.

 What other creative outlets do you have? Music, film, etc?

I like to read and play games, plus I write game reviews when I get a chance at Front Towards Gamer, a website.

 What does your family think of your writing career?

My dad and his wife are excited to know that I’m doing something I’m good at, and my fiancĂ© is ecstatic that I’m taking the chance and writing more. 

How important are reviews to making sales?

Very, because if you don’t have reviews on Amazon or other websites that people can look at for a general idea, no one buys them.

How do you deal with bad reviews? 

Opinions are personal, and the only reason why I would contest a bad review is if the information given is falsified or completely wrong.

Do you also review other writers?

Not normally, because my views are my own and most people don’t get my written reviews for books that well. I’m a better game reviewer.

How do you give a bad review? 

I would give out the flaws that were noticeable from the get go, plot details and writing missteps and the like. 

What changes would you like to see in the self publishing industry? 

I think finding a way to shift the shit out of the stores is the best thing to happen. Horrible, god awful books and short stories called books need to be eradicated. 

What would you like average readers to know about self publishing? 

I think that most average readers need to understand that in self publishing you might not have a great cover, don’t skip checking out the synopsis. Too many times I skip over books anywhere because of bad covers. 

What's the biggest frustration with being a self published writer? 

Lack of promotional abilities outside of my small sphere of influence on social media sites that I am part of. 

Do you write to music? If so, what kind? 

It depends, if I write to music or not, and what genre I listen to. Short list of bands that help me write: Richard Marx, Five Finger Death Punch, and others depending on mood. 

Could any of your books be made into films? 

My short stories, published or not, would be great candidates for films. Some of them would be simple stories with no special effects, others would be heavy on the special effects and insanity. 

 Do you go to writing conventions? Why or why not?

Not enough time or money to participate. If I had the time and money, depending on what convention it was, I’d go.

Why do you write? 

I write because I have stories in my mind, my heart that need to be told. Yes, sometimes they are classic tales with what I call the Misura twist. Just because I have a gunslinger from the wild west doesn’t meant he doesn’t already know magic and how to hunt monsters. 

Do you read more ebooks or physical copies? 

It’s a good mix of both, some ebooks and the other is physical copies. I tend to prefer ebooks for fiction and smaller writings. When it comes to books about research into the paranormal, history, and other similar items. Other reasons for physical books is if its an author that I fully respect and love reading. 


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